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If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities have such bright white smiles, their secret is most likely professional teeth whitening treatments. At Arya Dental in Fullerton, California, Saeed Mokhayeri, DDS, and Hengameh Safarcherati, DDS, offer quick, safe Zoom® teeth whitening treatments to lift stains and give you a bright, healthy smile. Call or make an appointment online today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

How did my teeth get so yellow?

Many factors contribute to teeth staining. For example, if you drink coffee or tea regularly, your teeth may become yellow. Smoking and the use of other tobacco products also stains your teeth. Aging as well can cause your teeth to stain and yellow. Fortunately, removal of most superficial discoloration is possible with professional teeth whitening treatments.

If your teeth are discolored because of trauma or thinning of your enamel, your dentist at Arya Dental may recommend veneers or crowns as an alternative to topical whitening treatments.

What is Zoom teeth whitening?

The dentists at Arya Dental offer in-office Zoom teeth whitening treatments. Zoom is a leading teeth whitening treatment that combines a topical bleaching agent with a special activating light to lift stains from your teeth. Zoom teeth whitening is safe and effective.

What happens during a teeth whitening treatment?

A Zoom teeth whitening treatment takes about an hour. While you relax in the dentist’s chair, your dentist places a soft plastic guard in your mouth to protect your gums and lips from the bleaching agent. They carefully paint the bleaching gel onto your teeth.

Then, you wear protective glasses while the special bleach-activating light is directed at your teeth. You can listen to music or watch television during the teeth whitening procedure.

When the bleaching process is complete, your dentist turns off the light and carefully removes the whitening gel from your teeth before also removing the mouthguard. They finish your treatment with a five-minute fluoride treatment to protect your teeth.

Arya Dental also offers at home Zoom teeth whitening treatments. Your doctor provides dental trays and a bleaching gel that you can use at home. Your dentist will give you customized instructions on how long you should wear the trays, both in terms of how long each day as well as for how many weeks you should repeat the at-home teeth whitening process.

How should I take care of my teeth after whitening?

After your teeth whitening treatment, you continue to brush and floss your teeth normally. While Zoom lifts years of staining to reveal a bright white smile, your teeth can become stained again. You can reduce your risk of staining by limiting the amount of coffee or tea that you drink and quitting smoking or using other tobacco products. Having routine dental cleanings and checkups can also help your teeth stay whiter and healthier.

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