5 Reasons You Should Consider Veneers

If you’re yearning for a straight, white, and bright smile, dental veneers could be perfect for you.

Dental veneers, which cover the front of your teeth, can transform your teeth into a Hollywood smile. The dental professionals at Arya Dental in Fullerton, California, want you to have the smile of your dreams. Here are five reasons you should consider veneers.

How do veneers work?

Dental veneers are ultra-thin shells that are tooth-colored and fit over the front surface of your teeth.

Installing veneers typically require three appointments. During the first meeting, our team will discuss your dental history, bite problems, and aesthetic goals.

On the second visit, our providers will prepare your teeth and take molds. Tooth preparation includes trimming off enamel about the thickness of the veneer. After our team takes an impression of your prepared teeth, the model is sent to a dental lab, which prepares the veneers. 

At your final visit, your veneers are permanently bonded to your tooth or teeth using dental cement.

Why you should consider veneers

There are so many reasons why veneers are a great choice to improve your smile. Here are our top five.

1. Veneers reshape bites

Once, only braces could adjust your bite. Now, veneers can also perform that function, which will improve your dental hygiene and make your smile more aligned. 

2. Veneers make teeth match

Dental veneers, which are custom made, can even your teeth’s color, shape, and size. A full set of veneers produces a dazzling smile of similarly shaped and colored teeth.

3. Veneers resemble crowns

Like dental crowns, veneers can cover or protect some damaged or cracked teeth. If you’re trying to restore one or just a few teeth, you don’t need to order a full set of veneers, which keeps the cost down.

4. Veneers make your teeth strong

Porcelain veneers reinforce tooth enamel and strengthen your bite. A full set of veneers protects all of your teeth.

5. Veneers provide a confidence boost

A gorgeous smile is a confidence booster. Every time you smile, you’ll get a boost of self-esteem and your decision to get veneers, which last for 715 years. Your teeth will be whiter and brighter than ever before and you’ll be excited to smile for photos and show your friends. 

Are you now excited about using veneers to give you the smile you always wanted? To make an appointment with the dentists at Arya Dental, call 714-646-9546, or use our online booking tool.

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