Zoom Teeth Whitening: Nothing Looks Better with a Summer Tan than a Bright Smile

There’s something classically chic and stylish about the combination of tanned skin and a bright white smile. You can work on the suntan, but the color of your teeth won’t change without a little help.

The contrast between darker skin and white teeth makes your teeth appear even whiter. But if you’re not naturally blessed with either, you can work on improving both. While suntan lotions and more time in the sun can improve your tan, you need to see a dentist like ours at Arya Dental to whiten your teeth.

How professional teeth whitening works

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to fix your smile. Compared to more costly procedures, such as veneers and bonding, whitening is easy and fast.

Teeth whitening generally uses a high-concentration hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel that you wear on your teeth for brief periods.

At Arya Dental, we use the Zoom whitening method. During this procedure, you sit in a dentist’s chair and we put a plastic guard in your mouth to protect your gums and lips from the bleach. We then apply the bleaching agent directly to your teeth and use a special bright light to activate the bleaching agent and speed the whitening process.

The whole process takes about an hour. The advantage of the Zoom whitening method is that you can achieve dramatic results in as little as one session. You may be able to go as much as eight shades lighter in a single session.

Arya Dental also offers an at-home option. We provide trays to fit your mouth and the bleaching gel, along with instructions about when to wear them and for how long.

Are there any risks to teeth whitening?

Tooth whitening does have some risks. Those risks are the same whether you have your teeth whitened in our office or if you do it at home. Your teeth may feel more sensitive for a short period of time after whitening — days or weeks, depending on your level of sensitivity and how many levels of whitening are necessary.

Teeth whitening is not effective for certain causes of tooth discoloration, such as trauma, tetracycline exposure, or excessive fluoride exposure.

Why you should avoid drugstore teeth whitening kits

There are many reasons not to use a drugstore tooth whitening kit. Although over-the-counter teeth whitening kits are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, they’re minimally regulated. They are held to the lower cosmetic standard, rather than the more regulated medical standard.

OTC teeth whitening kits also contain a much lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, meaning that you need to apply the gel more often and you get less effective whitening. With most such products, you may need to use them for up to several weeks at a time. This frequency of use makes sensitivity and pain more likely.

Because the OTC products are not custom-molded to your teeth, there’s a greater likelihood of the bleach getting on your gums, tongue, or cheeks. This can cause more pain and sensitivity.

What you can do to keep your teeth white

After investing in professional teeth whitening, you should to do everything you can to maintain your results. Keep your teeth whiter by limiting exposure to common causes of stains, such as tea, red wine, tobacco, and coffee.

Your new white smile will help you feel more confident and attractive. It’s the perfect complement to your summer suntan. Call us at Arya Dental today to begin working on achieving your dazzling smile.

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